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Exercise, diet, and the next most overlooked wellness success factor

exercise, diet, and rest
exercise, diet, and rest

Of course all the wellness gurus offer tips and tricks for exercise and diet. But do you know the next most overlooked wellness success factor?

Sleep. Got eight hours last night. First time in a week or so. I’m not recommending eight is the right amount. Know your amount and focus on getting it. It’s your responsibility.

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4 replies on “Exercise, diet, and the next most overlooked wellness success factor”

A cold hit me, just before heading to the hospital. That first night with the baby left me very little rest. In fact, it got worse.
The second night was great, though, and i feel a million times better!

Craig, you won’t because you can’t! 🙂
You ARE the luckiest guy on the planet.
When you’re exhausted, these obvious things are challenging to see.
Once you’re rested… crystal clear.

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