Authenticity, Scene 2 of 5

Continued from Mid Life Celebration…those 20,000 bookmarks create a new global, “Continental” opportunity…

Please don’t misinterpret what I write. I use strong language and set very high expectations…for myself. None of which is advice nor a recommendation for anyone else, except our son.

Plus, the written word is soooo easily taken out of context. Dangerous territory, because I could be upsetting some of you without ever meaning to.

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By jeff noel

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  1. On the subject of “upsetting some of you.” My oldest was reading a book, and stopped, without finishing. I asked her why. Her answer was, “Because I really hated the main character. The stuff he did. The way he manipulated people. He really bothered me.”

    My response to her was, “Then the author has written a successful book, as it left you with a feeling. Her characters, at least the main one in this book, have such a depth that you felt so strongly, that you put it down. Better to have a strong feeling than no feeling at all. How boring.

    I’m not saying — Jeff Noel writes to anger people. What I am saying is your strong writing is successful because it brings about an emotional response, a deeper thought, or a desire to act. And if we the readers find ourselves upset, it is in all likelihood because your words have illuminated an area in our own lives that needs attention.

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