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To Every Season

Just Do Something, Anything
Just Do Something, Anything

If you’ve just joined us after reading Connie’s Guest Blogger post, consider this: Seniors have an abundance of time to make healthy choices, as simple as walking.

An active, healthy body has so many benefits that it’s mind-boggling why more seniors don’t seize the opportunity to exercise and lose some weight.

On the other hand, take working folks like me and you, we barely have time to eat breakfast, let alone carve out 30-60 minutes of physical activity.

I hadn’t been to the gym in 7 days. The choice was simple:

  1. Extend it to 8 days
  2. Find a way to get to the gym

Here’s what happened last night.

Of course, our choices aren’t limited to diet and exercise, they also extend to our spiritual balance.

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2 replies on “To Every Season”

I feel you on the breakfast thing. I put my cereal in a cup and drink it, in the car, on my way to work.
Of course, there may need to be other responsibility issues to address with that, as well – namely time management and incorporating morning workouts.
Either way, always a challenge!

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