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The 1999 cholesterol report served as a wake up call. Get healthy or you’re in big trouble. About 25 years prior (1974), a neighbor’s wife started running – to another neighbor’s mailbox and done. She did this daily for a week. The second week she ran to the second neighbor’s mailbox. For a week. It took weeks before she ran the equivalent of 400 meters, or, one lap around a track.

I remember thinking how ridiculous this seemed, since I was a ninth-grade track runner at the time. What I never saw coming is that I would adopt this as my plan of attack too, as those years later.

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  1. Cool to know the origin for you.

    I had always thought there was some tie to Zig Ziglar. He utilized the same strategy. It’s fun to listen to him talk about it. πŸ™‚

  2. Love Zig Ziglar. Listened to many of his “tapes” from ’84-’90.
    Didin’t know the one mailbox a day could have been potentially linked to him. Interesting how it was an out-of-shape Jr. High Art Teacher’s wife where I found the seed.

  3. It seems like it’s a physical transformation that he went through in th late 90s or early 00s.
    I’m pretty sure he referenced it happening fairly recently.

  4. Yeah. At least I think the recordings were current.
    I do know that, after a stroke, within the past few years, his activity has waned a bit.
    But it still seemed like it was from the past decade or so.

  5. Somewhere around 1990, I stopped listening to Zig’s tapes. So I missed the health challenges he faced and what he did to overcome them.

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