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Prefontaine Was Legendary For Pain Endurance
Prefontaine Was Legendary For Pain Endurance

Ever have some ache or pain and wonder what to do about it? Wonder how long it will last? Or expect it to go away in a few days?

Me too.

For three weeks, resting, stretching, taking it very easy, being careful.

And the pain is getting worse.

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  1. I have been facing the same challenge in an Achilles tendon. And, to be honest, I am deathly afraid to go to the doctors. — not wanting to hear the words surgery, or slow down. Right now, there is no time for either. After Christmas my schedule is looking more open… I wonder if I will be able to wait? Time and pain will tell.

  2. Donna, it’s not. Patience has new meaning, year after year.
    Waiting for a healthy season, but mindful that the real blessing is that I can run/walk/exercise at all. There are many who can’t.

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