May you someday make it impossible to quit

Disney University at Walt Disney World
Yesterday’s run, January 12..


Hope your desire to get healthier is a longterm desire.

The College National Championship game last night, January 12, stirs many people’s souls.

(Now here we are April 23 as this goes live.)

Sadly, the game’s excitement, and our soul stirring, wears off quickly.

Yesterday’s run to Disney University was cool.

And you?

PS. Congratulations to Ohio State University.

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  1. I can tell you that I was ecstatic! And for most OSU fans, that feeling definitely carries on for a few months, until the spring game.
    However, I may be an outlier amongst the crowd. Being able to regularly run to and around WDW property would trump it all for me!

  2. Craig, enjoy and appreciate being part of what comes with a National Championship.

    As for running around Disney World.

    Never gets old. ­čÖé

  3. Oh yeah! I was in the marching band for our 2003 championship. So I was a little more intimate with that one.

    Hoping to do some of the running stuff in September! Now it’s PO Riverside.

  4. Craig, doesn’t get any more intimate than 2003. What a remarkable opportunity and experience. See you in September.

  5. Can’t wait! The kids even remember you from last time. You definitely make an impression, because they were only 4 and 2!

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