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Keep things as simple as possible and make sure they just work

Keep things as simple as possible


Keep things as simple as possible. We either exercised a few days last week or we didn’t.

Yesterday a bike rider said he had logged 87 miles in 11 months. Pathetic. Really. If the goal is to be active.

Biking requires equipment. It’s not nearly as safe as other options. It’s not a bad option, just more complicated.

In a moment, this runner is going to go downstairs, out the door, walk to the street and begin running.

Anywhere. Anytime. Alone. With others. Portable. Doable. Shoes and shorts. Go. No excuses.

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6 replies on “Keep things as simple as possible and make sure they just work”

Patty, portable is a great consideration for many people. Especially Disney fanatics visiting from 1,000+ miles away.

Hoping to be active – other than standing all day – today after three days of not.

PS. Did you know I was a biker for about 15 years+-?

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