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Hold That Thought

Today is my 51st birthday. This video is 51 seconds long. Do you think I can hold legs parallel a second for each year?

By jeff noel

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6 replies on “Hold That Thought”

David, there’s always pressure.
There’s pressure to choose:

1. Seize the day!
2. Go through the motions.

I reminded myself that when I first attempted this exercise, I could hold my legs parallel for one second.

It starts with a first step, a first thought, a first word. And then it gets tougher!

One pushup. Done.

Heading down to WDW tomorrow. Can’t wait to be part of the magic again!

Wow. Congrats, on both – the push up and the trip to Disney.

Sure hope we get to connect for a cup o’ coffee or a Dole Whip or something.

And you could treat since today is me birthday!

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