Bariatric Surgery

O Is For Obesity
O Is For Obesity

He did a cost benefits analysis to prove it would be cheaper to pay for his bariatric surgery than to let him continue on his path.

He lost 175 pounds, gained 25 back and has been holding steady for many years now. After they stapled his stomach, it went from the size of a football to the size of an egg.

We recently spent three days together and he assured me multiple times, he has no curtains on his johari window. And he also said he was addicted to food, after sharing that I had overcome an addiction.

What I couldn’t get out of my mind was the image of him carrying me piggyback. And not just across a small stream so my feet didn’t get wet, but carrying that 150 extra pounds every minute of every day.

Even when he was sleeping, or trying to, it would be like me lying on top of him – all 150 pounds.

He saved his own life.  He inspired me.  I count myself lucky to know the man.

We all have hard decisions to make. He did whatever it took.

By jeff noel

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