The power of a clear, concise, and compelling vision

Disney Customer Service Conference Speakers
University of Iowa Healthcare Customer Service session. My colleague (on stage) and i team taught roughly 40 four-hour sessions over the course of four years.


The power of a clear, concise, and compelling vision eludes most because we default to avoiding simple ideas.

We believe simple can’t work because if it did, everyone would be doing it.


The simple difference between a vision statement and a vision makes all the difference.

In your next big meeting ask one simple question and listen carefully for the response,  “What is our vision statement?”


What should happen instantaneously is a simultaneous reciting of a clear, concise, and compelling statement that rolls off the tongues of everyone in the room, even the newest person.

PS. Disney’s vibrant employee culture is a direct result of great leadership.

And any department, office, division, or team that is struggling at Disney (or any company) is struggling because of the absence of great leadership.




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