Free to exercise?

Sticker on a  Residential street
Context from today’s first MLC post.

When you are imprisoned by an unrealistic standard of living, you are not free.

Credit card debt and loans provide a false sense of aquisition accomplishment.

Sure, mortgages are a non-optional rite of passage for many. The size home, and the street address can add more to the mortgage than is necessary.

Then we have to work so hard to retrofit ourselves into this false sense of achievement that lenders lured us into. We may never get it to fit.

A major sacrifice is free time to exercise and sleep well. Why? We have to work so many hours. Why? We got in over our heads. Why? Because…the herd mentality – if everyone’s doing it, it must be the way. That path (the way) is a trap to a perverse and pervasive, socially accepted imprisonment.

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