Cultural Employee Engagement Blueprints Implementation Plan

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Let’s review the suggested cultural blueprints implementation plan.

The Building owner is the CEO.

Deliverables from Leader Champions are shell, walls, roof.

Critical note: History, customs, icons, and values are deeply integrated into the primary Human Resources processes: Hire, Train (orientation, On-The-Job, On-Going), Inspire Daily Communications to every employee), Value (Support and Recognition).

History: Founder’s Story. History, milestones, highs and lows, acquisitions.

Customs: Behaviors, traditions. The cultural behaviors that you are proud of and maybe even famous for. The traditions that continue to this day; how they came to be and why, and what they mean to today’s workforce.

Icons: Images, words, phrases, acronyms, quotes. Harvest and harness the power of language and symbols, from the founder(s) to today.

Values: Internal. Core, foundational values for how employees treat each other. This is invisible to the customers.

All collaborative efforts by executive leaders and the cross-functional teams should revolve around simple, focused, energetic, creative, visionary, and scalable outcomes – blueprints for an organizationally vibrant culture.

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