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If Nothing Else Works

We All Scream For Ice Cream...
We All Scream For Ice Cream...

Yesterday’s post ended with an epiphany. So much so that it’s reposted here because it demands deserves our attention.

There will never come a time when not exercising will suddenly bless you with good health.

As You Get Older Wrong

Cheap Sunglasses

Palm Trees And Sunshine
Palm Trees And Sunshine

Do you wear sunglasses every time you go outside? Maybe you should. I do.

When Cheryl and I made our decision to relocate permanently from Washington State to Orlando in 1984, we realized that there were going to be some changes we’d need to adjust to.

One of them was learning how to cope with the unrelenting sunshine. Don’t get me wrong, we moved to Florida because we discovered we are solar-powered individuals. Nothing better than being surrounded by palm trees and sunshine.

Yet, ultimately, everything has a price. too much of a good thing can be harmful. Wear the sunscreen and have several pairs of sunglasses.

Our health is our responsibility. The healthier we act, the healthier we stay.


Expect To Fail


You should plan to fail.  It’s in your nature to fail.

Think about learning to walk as a toddler.  You constantly failed. Over, and over, and over.

So what?  Did it stop you?

You were determined – nothing would stop you from learning to walk. You had to learn, if you wanted to be like the others around you – everywhere you looked, people were walking.

So what?  So what is stopping you from applying that same desire and determination to get and stay healthy?

Everywhere you look people are getting and staying in ill health – a ticking time bomb so to speak.

The best health care reform our country can implement starts with you.

Quit complaining about our Government not doing this or not doing that.

Go look in the mirror and hold yourself to the same level of expectation.


Expect to fail.

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What A Jerk!

The Road You Travel Is Up To You
The Road You Travel Is Up To You

That’s what people think. They think it and say it behind your back.

Showoff.  Ego-maniac.  Self-centered.  What a jerk!

And yet, deep down inside, they wish they had the focus and discipline it takes.

Sad thing is, they do, but they make so many excuses that they convince themselves they don’t.

Where are you?


He’s Athletic

Staying Healthy Isn't A Spectator Sport
Staying Healthy Isn't A Spectator Sport

“Just look at Jeff, he’s athletic”, my friend said to the others, just two days ago.

And they believed him. You could just tell they did.

I almost blurted out something in anger.


Because 50-years olds aren’t athletic.

But when middle-aged people, men or women, exercise regularly, and with more than a casual approach to exercise and health, well guess what?

They look athletic. Eventually.  Say, after a decade.

But no one wants to wait that long, so they either:

  1. Never start
  2. Quit too soon

Remember, the long way is the short cut.