Five Dollar Footlong?

Have you seen the Subway commercial and heard their catchy song, “Five Dollar Foot-long”?

No worries if you didn’t.  And if you did, the reason I mention it is because five is a catchy number.

Do you know your big five health numbers?

Cholesterol?   Blood pressure?   Body Mass Index?   Resting heart rate?   Triglycerides?

I never paid much attention to these because either I didn’t want to know, or, I didn’t know how to know.

Now I know both.

Certainly, I’m not in a place to tell you what to do, however, I do strive to Gandhi’s ideal – “You must become the change you wish to see in the world“.

If all I can do is lead by example, then that’s what I’ll accept.   What do you feel comfortable accepting?

Carpe diem and “high five”, jeff noel  🙂

Run, jeff, run

Heading out for a short run (two miles).  Wanted to do a five-miler, but not enough time in the day, eh?

How can a person possibly think about competing at the Master’s World Championships, when there’s not enough time in the day to “train”?

Not sure I have a good answer, except that everyone is fighting a hard battle.  We all have to figure it out.  That’s what makes it interesting and challenging to me.   What about you?

Carpe diem and here’s to your great health, jeff noel  🙂

Devine Mercy Sunday

Divine Mercy Sunday.  I didn’t run yesterday.  It was a scheduled, “active rest day”.

What a great homily (sermon) we had yesterday by a visiting Priest.   I must ask you, and you know this to be true, isn’t it wonderful to watch and listen to someone speak who’s passionate about their topic?

I’m not just talking about Church or Religious services, but about anything in life.

I often wonder if the people around me feel incredible passion, medium passion, or no passion, from the way I conduct my life.

Ever wonder about that one?   How often?  Do you like your answers?   I didn’t.   Why don’t we all work on our answers today.  Be passionate, because if you won’t be, who will?  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂

PS.  Tomorrow, I’ll be back training again.  Today, I’ll enjoy my second conscecutive day of rest.  Do you think I’m passionate about 400 meters?   Best of health to you!

Happy Healthy Sunday?

Happy Healthy Sunday?

It’s our choice isn’t it?

I’m still smiling from yesterday.   I asked our eight-year old son to help create a tee-shirt design for

I challenged him to do five pages worth.  He did.  He’s clever, creative and funny.

This journey to make it to the Men’s 50-54 400 meter finals at the Master’s World Championships is nothing short of inspiring to me.   I do not belong in this league.   I asked my son, “Remember David and Goliath“?  “Yes“, he said.   “What was the morale of the story“?, I shot back.

You can do anything“, was his answer.

That’s right, nothing is impossible“!, I said softly.

Follow your dreams.  Dream Big.  Get There.  Stay There!  Carpe diem, jeff noel  🙂