Been To jungle jeff Lately?

Today would be a decent day to venture over to jungle jeff’s blog.


Because today’s message at jungle jeff is very relevant to what Lane 8 is all about.

Setting goals, achieving goals and sustaining those goals.  Modifying or changing our lifestyles to a more desirable, healthier state.

Motivation is the key.  But many people have false notions about motivation, inspiration and even excitement.


Master’s Advocate

Getting motivated is one thing.  Achieving a big goal is another.  But staying active for the rest of your life, now there’s an impossible goal.

Motivation is like a meal, several hours later, we are in need of more. Here’s one of my favorite “restaurants”.

Only you can make the choice. No one else. It’s very challenging to stay motivated. Find a million ways or people might look at you as a warning instead of an example.


Reality Check

Reality check.  Being on the road all week has taken a toll on my wellness efforts.

Lack of sleep, lack of exercise and lack of proper nutrition adds up quickly for my body.  At 50, routine is more important than ever.

An object in motion, tends to stay in motion.  An object at rest, tends to stay at rest.

Which one are you?  Which one am I?

Our health and overall well-being are completely dependent on us to figure this out and make it work in our busy schedules.

No excuses are acceptable.

Gotta go.  Time for a much needed run.


Track Town USA

Here’s another short, quirky You Tube video from jeff noel at University of Oregon and Track Town USA.

If you are not a Track fan, that’s ok. This blog isn’t about Track anyway, it’s about excellence, our physical well-being and our approach to what we do with it.

But you already knew that, right?


Lane 8 Vision @ Hayward Field

Lane 8 Vision From Hayward Field.  Visited University of Oregon a few days ago.  Here’s a short You Tube summarizing how Lane 8 came to be:

Worst lane and come in last. I’m good with that. Seriously.

In the finals.  At the World Championships.  Ya with me?