The power of relentless care

The power of relentless care. Regular exercise. Decent sleep habits. Balanced nutrition and portions. When you relentlessly view these three as your non-negotiables, you can clearly see how this benefits you over the course of your life. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here. If […]

Focus on what you have

Focus on what you have. Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Seems ridiculously obvious. It is, however, a rare character trait. Lean into rare. You have a body. A marvelous temple housing everything keeping you alive. Focus on this precious, amazing, exquisite masterpiece. •  •  •  •  • This website is about our BODY. To read […]

Behave like your life depends on it

Behave like your life depends on it. Why? Because it does. Imagine having great habits and rituals for activity, nutrition, and sleep. Imagine maintaining this physical vibrancy for years, or longer. Now envision it being stripped away forever. When you are part of something that’s worth defending, you are onto something remarkable, and admirable. • […]