If you hate running, this is probably why

Dinner last night was well-balanced.


family buffet
Qdoba catering did an exceptional job.


birthday cake
Simple and small cake.


After almost two years intentional rest from running (1st break since 1999) we (Family) began running one mailbox a day last Monday. Tomorrow,  it’s two mailboxes a day – Monday through Friday.

Mailboxes are 100 meters apart in our neighborhood.

It will take one month to run the equivalent on one lap around a high school track.

Have always believed the reason most people say they don’t like running is because they do too much too soon, and they quit before they even get started.

Our pace is slower than walking by the way.

Finally, everyone knows that running (or walking, or swimming, biking, etc) improves so many things, right?

Happy present moment.

If not now, when?
If not ever, why?


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i hate sugar

Whispering Canyon desserts
Cobbler tastes great and is part of the Holiday season.


i hate sugar.


Because it has such alluring properties.

It never tastes bad.

In fact, it generally tastes amazing.

So yeah, i hate that.

Especially when there isn’t a fresh fruit antidote nearby.

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This website is about our BODY. To read today’s post about our SPIRIT, click here.

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Do you look forward to Wednesday mornings?

Sunrise after Florida rocket launch
Walking down driveway to run…immediately knew this was a rocket launch.


Sunrise after Florida rocket launch
About 30 minutes after first photo…had no idea there was going to be a launch.


i look forward to Wednesdays because it means the day includes an early morning run. Up at 4:15am chomping at the bit to start the day. The final two keynote speaking topics arrived yesterday. Anxious to tweak and polish them.

Decided to run to Disney’s Contemporary Resort. A friend is attending a four-day Disney Institute class on Creativity and my former colleagues are working there. It’s a nice break from running up and down the “Disney Parkway” like i have for the past 16 years.

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If you hate running, you’re doing it wrong

Windermere Prep Athletics sign


A relative asked for advice on how to get ready for a “Warrior 5k” in only four weeks.

Also yesterday, a former colleague “wished everything didn’t hurt” when she tried running.

Two thoughts:

  1. Slow and steady wins the race.
  2. If you don’t like running, you’re doing it wrong.

What makes me an expert? Don’t really know, except that i run. A lot. And have for a long time.

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Try to hate running?

Middle school classroom cat


(photo: How did one stray cat become so lucky to have a middle school classroom to call home?)

Baby Boomers must manage their own luck.

Hope you get to the point where you hate running. Because when you do, you’ll know you love it.

If this sounds confusing it’s because it sort of is. Until you understand that it’s not.

What starts out as a groove, say running, eventually becomes a rut. No one likes ruts. And you have to love something in order to climb out of the rut and thrive again.

Like all worthwhile things in life, lifetime motivation to not quit (running in this example) is key.

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