Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations. This is the key to great customer service. Yet we measure for CSI – Customer Satisfaction Index. In healthcare, it’s called Patient Satisfaction. We measure for satisfaction and we solve with an organization (and personal) aim that is far to low. And because this is pervasive, it has become the accepted standard. My […]

Disney’s backstage is not only a physical space

Disney’s backstage is not only a physical space, it’s also a psychological space. It’s a place where you can mentally take a break, not just physically. Without a cultural place to decompress and checkout, employees (Cast Members) would be left with only one option – decompress and checkout onstage. Try to imagine. •  •  •  • […]

We know great employee engagement is a competitive advantage

Any leader and any organization, in any industry, can architect world-class employee engagement using systems and processes they control. World-Class Employee Engagement is not reserved for special organizations that have secrets others don’t and never will have. Exceptional engagement is built with four fundamental blueprints. Jeff’s Disney Keynote will be interactive, fun, thought-provoking, and comes […]