World Class in Lane 8?

Can you become world class even if you’re stuck out in lane 8? What do you think? I think you can. So every day, I wake up, and wonder, what would it take for an ordinary person to become extraordinary? The way Rosa Parks dd. The way Abraham Lincoln did. The way Walt Disney did. […]

Lane 8 Blog from Hartford, CT

Lane 8 Blog from Hartford, CT. I’m co-facilitating a two-day professional development program, for a regional financial services company, here in Hartford. Life on the road can be very hard work, at least that’s what I’ve found to be true. After standing all day teaching, my feet were sore and my body was spent from […]

Masters Track and Lane 8?

Yesterday, I had such a busy morning, I couldn’t find time to run, before taking our son to school on the way to the airport. After my arrival at Hartford, Connecticut, I had the chance to do an easy 35 minute run. Some left heel pain right away, so I jogged backwards for a couple […]

Blah, blah, blah?

Blah, blah, blah? Nope. Dream Big.  Get There.  Stay There. That’s what Lane 8 is about.   Staying there. Ran into a Father of my son’s classmate, at the gym yesterday. I asked, “What motivates you”? He replied, with an apparent wisdom, that he has found it more difficult, now that he’s almost 30, to stay in […]

Slowest of the Fastest?

What does this metaphor, “The slowest of the Fastest” mean? It means very simply this: We have a choice every moment of every day. To be positive, or, to not be positive. Here’s one of life’s invisible truths:  Everybody is fighting a hard battle.  Everyone.  Even the people who appear, on the surface, to have […]