Dr Curtis Wagner, thank you!

I met with Dr Curtis Wagner of Foot and Ankle Associates of Florida – www.floridafootdocs.com/gpage2.html – for a checkup this morning. My left heel had me concerned enough that I prayed long and hard last night for wisdom and guidance. What I discerned was that I was willing to surrender and accept whatever consequences where […]

Know how impossible got it’s reputation?

Ever wonder why people try to do “impossible” things? Ever wonder why things are impossible? I think I realize why “impossible” is actually pretty much, well, impossible. Now please know this, I ain’t no brain surgeon.   What I am is a decent guy with the same hopes, dreams, fears and troubles as other humans.  All […]

Why the World Championships?

Why do I have this crazy dream of running in Lane 8, in the 400 meter finals (Men 50-54), at the 2009 Master’s Track & Field World Championships? I don’t know exactly. There are several factors: 1.  Hereditary high cholesterol. 2.  I get bored easily. 3.  I have a tendancy to dream BIG! 4.  I’d like to […]

What’s the limit to a BIG goal?

Tiger Woods has a new, world-class goal.  Know what it is? Can you guess? To be the best Daddy in the Universe? He has a newborn son, and an almost two-year old daughter. First of all, I currently hold that title, “Best Daddy in the Universe”. My human son (eight) and canine son (9) voted, […]

Who’s more passionate?

Who’s more passionate about your health than you? In case you haven’t noticed, the answer is no one is more passionate about your health than you are. If this comes as a surprise to you, please hang up and dial 911. Hey, I’m joking. Sort of. The emergency you may have, like I did, was […]